b. 1993, Toronto, Canada  

2019 Bau-Xi Gallery, There’s Always More Show, Vancouver, BC
2018     Bau-Xi Gallery, Anatomical Venus, Toronto, ON
2017     Bau-Xi Gallery, Of Tristia, Forlorn!, Vancouver, BC
2015     Hatch Gallery, Your Mouth is an Open Wound, Vancouver, BC
2014     AMS Art Gallery, Bricolage, Vancouver, BC

2018     Bakery Gallery, Mortal Window, Vancouver, BC
2016     Fortune Sound Club, Art Waste, Vancouver, BC
2016     Hatch Gallery, +/-, Vancouver BC
2014     AMS Art Gallery, Concatenation, Vancouver, BC

2018 Michelle Nguyen: Empathy and balance, Montecristo Magazine
2018     Vancouver Mural Festival: Michelle Nguyen finds feminist approach to traditional painting, The Georgia Straight
2017     Michelle Nguyen’s Uninhibited Art, Galleries West Digital
2017     Must-See September Exhibitions, Nuvo Magazine
2017     Creators Vancouver

2016     Thinking With Your Gut, Hello Friend
2016     How Aram Saroyan Brings the Arbitrariness of the English Language into Lighght, Hello Friend
2016     A Hybrid Identity, Hello Friend
2016     Andy Dixon ruined my life, Hello Friend
2013    Branch Magazine (Issue 3: Hunger)
2012    The Garden Statuary (Issue 2.1)
2010 Branch Magazine (Issue 11: Light + Shadows) 

Public Artworks
2018     Vancouver Mural Festival, Vancouver, BC

Aug. – Sept. 2018     Centre Pompadour, Ercourt, France

2016     Bachelor of Environmental Design, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC